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The House Structure

The House Structure

In these places, at the dawn of time, everybody thought that every stranger, mendicant or vagabond might be a divine creature. It was not possible to ask the traveller who he was before accomodating him. Only after imagining his divine origin you could dare to make human questions, and that was hospitality.

Xenia, (from the greek ξενία, xenía) summarizes the concept of hospitality and the relationship between the host and the guest in the ancient Greek world. A sistem of rules and non written customs that defined the relationship between the master of the house and his guest. That’s the origin of Xenia Country House, the place where the host is welcomed like gods should be.
Xenia Country House is an ancient rural house from 1800, then restructured and modernized but that still keeps the typical archaelogical elements of the old houses: such as the doorsteps in local stone and the ceramic works from Vietri. The structure is made up of two independent apartments, named after two of the most important colonies of Magna Graecia, they both have all comforts and carefully furnished. The loundry is communal,furthermore guests can have access to the private pool for the exclusive use.

Prices include:
The use of all the accessories and facilities on the outside
The use of the barbecue and outside tables
Weekly change of sheets and towels
Heating during winter
Communal laundry
Use of pool

Extra services:
extra beds
extra cleenings
change of sheets and towels during the week
private cook
classes of local cookery

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